Calgary Drywall Services

Drywall crack repair


They are very frequent in Calgary due to our extreme weather change, they are created by house movement and are very normal in new houses as they need to settle.

Drywall service

This includes cutting, patching, replacing damage drywall and touching up your drywall.

Drywall patch

They are required in order to fix properly small to large holes or to get access to pipes or wires  inside your walls or ceilings and are usually fairly quick to repair.

Full taping service


For brand new houses or full on renovation. All finish level available.

Drywall  touch up


We offer drywall touch up on new or older home by going over walls and ceilings with a light to look for damages done by other trades, by moving furniture, kids playing and so on.

Smooth ceiling upgrade


This service is very popular as so many people bought houses with textured ceilings which they don’t like.

We offer texture removal with refinishing of any ceilings and even redo your existing smooth ceiling to a higher level all the way to a level 5.


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